Why Should You Volunteer For The Breakfast Club Of Canada?

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Volunteers with child making breakfast

Every year, Breakfast Club of Canada relies on over 17,500 volunteers across Canada. These individuals are the first point of contact for children who attend their school’s breakfast program.

Day after day, they are present, preparing breakfast in the early morning hours to be ready to serve the children upon their arrival at school. However, breakfast is not their only priority; volunteers are also there to comfort the children, to ask them about their families, or simply to chat and laugh together. Most importantly, they earn the children’s trust.



“What I love about the club is that, here, the children all come together – it’s like a little family. They are all my children in a way, they’re all in my heart.” – Nadia, Head Volunteer

Adults aren’t the only ones giving their time to the Breakfast Club: other students attending a school where there is a breakfast program have the opportunity to become volunteers. This allows them to gain culinary skills and a sense of responsibility, two things that will come in handy later in life. They are also sensitized to food insecurity, academic success and social and emotional well-being, bringing to light the positive influence they can have on their peers.



“I started volunteering in grade 5 because I liked seeing kids eat breakfast before school. I knew which kids didn’t eat breakfast, because they complained about how hungry they were all day. I knew that if I was a volunteer there, more of my friends would come eat breakfast at the club!” – Amy, young volunteer

They all come from different generations and backgrounds, but the volunteers all have two things in common: a big heart and a dependable alarm clock! Some volunteer as a family, others on their own. Some have 2 hours to give per week, others come once a month. The Club adapts to the availability of the volunteers, and understands scheduling challenges and the efforts volunteers make to give back to their community. In return, the volunteers get to see smiling faces every morning as the children line up and see the meal that was lovingly prepared for them!

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We thank all our present (and future) volunteers for their precious help!