Working Together for a Greener World

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Happy Earth Day

Created more than 50 years ago, Earth Day is now celebrated by over 1 billion people around the world. Together, they strive to raise public awareness and take action on a number of pressing issues affecting our planet. Climate change and environmental degradation are undoubtedly the greatest threats to humanity in the 21st century.


Breakfast Club of Canada is proud to work with a number of partners who are committed to finding solutions to these critical challenges.


Trudeau Corporation: Reusable containers  

Trudeau Corporation has been a BCC partner since 2020, when the pandemic broke out. In order to comply with the public health restrictions in place at the time, new approaches were introduced for serving breakfast to students, most of which were centred on individually packaged food products.  

But Trudeau Corporation had a more planet-friendly solution in mind: they donated 5,000 reusable sandwich boxes to 45 breakfast programs in Quebec and Ontario.  

You can read the full blog article here.


Still Good: Fighting food waste 

Still Good is a leading advocate of reducing global food waste. By teaming up with BCC, they are helping not only to feed children but also to rescue surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away.  

Still Good gives a second life to nutritious ingredients, such as malted barley residue, and fruit and vegetable pulp, by upcycling them into delicious breakfast cookies that provide children with the energy they need to learn.  

See how this process works here.


West Coast Seeds: Growing food for growing children  

The people at West Coast Seeds are known for their green thumb and their high-quality products. They sell and ship hundreds of varieties of plant, vegetable, flower and other seeds across the country.  

Since 2020, they have been doing their part for the next generation by donating a portion of the sales of select products to Breakfast Club of Canada. So as they are encouraging more Canadians to get out and get gardening, they are also helping to provide an equal chance of success to thousands of children from coast to coast to coast.  


MicroHabitat: Making a difference, one plant at a time  

MicroHabitat specializes in transforming urban rooftops and other spaces into nourishing gardens.  

They help build sustainable food systems in urban communities, parks and schools, where children can learn about the rewards of growing their own food.  

They are proud to offer financial support to Breakfast Club of Canada through the sale of MicroHabitat pots — a wonderful way to green up our cities while making sure more children get a healthy start to their day. 


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