When you join forces with Breakfast Club of Canada, your company will be playing a part in helping Canadian children reach their full potential, creating a brighter future for everyone.


Other Ways to Get Involved

A company’s social responsibility reflects its values and plays an important part in forging positive consumer and employee perceptions.


Become a Partner

Business and philanthropy: a winning combination!


Spread the Word

Create a corporate fundraiser for Breakfast Club of Canada and spread the word.


Gifts in Kind

Donate goods or services and contribute your way.


Payroll Deduction Program

Get your employees onboard and donate automatically through your payroll.

Sponsor an event


Sponsor an Event

Become a sponsor for one of the Club’s signature events.

Corporate Volunteering


Corporate Volunteering Program

Find out how your employees can benefit from team building through volunteering at the Club.


Next Generation Committee

Find out how young entrepreneurs are making a difference.


Tell Your Story

Have you seen first-hand the positive effects of donating and getting involved with us?

Get your business involved


Other Ways to Donate

Donate to Breakfast Club of Canada, your way.

Text to Donate

Text CLUB to 45678 to donate now.

Donate by Phone

To donate by phone, call 1-800 442-1217, extension 3330.

Planned Giving

To donate or request more information, please send an email at Marie-Pier.Lemyre@breakfrastclubcanada.org.

Donate by Mail

Mail your cheque, payable to Breakfast Club of Canada, to:

Breakfast Club of Canada
135-G De Mortagne Blvd, 
Boucherville, QC, J4B 6G4

Please allow 6-8 weeks processing time for us to mail your tax receipt. To expedite the process, please include your email address to receive your receipt electronically.


Information For Donors

Learn more about our fundraising activities and your rights as a donor.

Can you send my tax receipt to another person?

No, a charity cannot issue an official donation receipt in the name of anyone but the true donor, and the full name and address of the donor must appear on the receipt. For more information, see the CRA’s official tax receipt guidelines.

Can I have a tax receipt for a grouped donation?

No, we cannot issue a tax receipt for a grouped donation as the funds come from more than one individual. For more information, see the CRA’s official tax receipt guidelines.

I want to donate food.

Due to food safety risks, we are unable to accept food donations from individuals. However, if your organization would like to become a permanent supplier, please email development@breakfastclub.org for more information.

I want to donate a service.

If you wish to donate a service, please email development@breakfastclub.org.

I want to donate equipment.

We accept donations of brand-new kitchen equipment. Please email development@breakfastclub.org for more information.

I want to contribute to an event.

Learn more about our events by emailing development@breakfastclub.org for more information.

I want to read about the Club’s finances.

Learn more about Breakfast Club of Canada’s finances.

Where can I find the Donor Rights Policy and Independent Advice Policy?

Still have questions?

Contact our donation technician at 1-888-442-1217, ext. 3330,
or email donate@breakfastcubcanada.org.

Impacts of your donation