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Exciting openings!

Exciting openings! -

This has been an exciting, busy season for Breakfast Club of Canada in...
Julie & Julie

Julie & Julie -

Laverne & Shirley, Thelma & Louise, Venus & Serena… and, now, Julie &...
The 7th Annual Gift-wrapping Campaign Wrap-Up

The 7th Annual Gift-wrapping Campaign Wrap-Up -

Between November 27 and December 24, nearly 300 volunteers lent their time and...
Cheese and Apple Quesadillas

Cheese and Apple Quesadillas -

INGREDIENTS: Whole wheat tortillas Apple Slices Shredded Cheese   DIRECTIONS: Preheat oven to...
Very Simple Apple Compote

Very Simple Apple Compote -

INGREDIENTS: 10 – 15 large apples 1 Tbsp cinnamon 2 Tbsp maple syrup...
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