With just over a month before the holidays, many of us need to get cracking on our holiday shopping. Between hostess gifts, Secret Santa exchanges, and a gift for your favourite aunt, the list can be long and expensive.

Through our Holiday Campaign you can now purchase a variety of delicious recipes, conveniently packed in charming mason jars with all the dry ingredients, for just $10 each. And don’t forget, each jar represents 3 gifts in one!

Thank you for supporting us.

Interesting Facts

  • Canada is the only developed country in the G7 that does not offer a national food program in schools
  • We know from research that the impacts of hunger reach far beyond a single child. Hunger affects classroom learning (60% of which is done before lunch), behavioral issues such as bullying and social exclusion, as well as overall health and wellbeing.
  • One in five Canadian children is at risk of starting school on an empty stomach.
  • Operating from coast to coast, the Club now helps feed over 200,000 students in 1,600 schools every school morning.