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At the Breakfast Club of Canada, we believe that children and youth are entitled to a healthy breakfast every morning before school. Whether it involves establishing a new breakfast program or strengthening an existing one, we provide schools with the necessary funds, kitchen equipment, training, tools and food donations. We listen to your needs and are ready to discuss various options with you. Our program can be adapted to fit your school’s specific requirements. The choice is yours: hot or cold breakfast, served in a classroom or a space reserved exclusively for your program.

We emphasize the importance of community commitment and give every person involved an opportunity to grow by owning his or her share of responsibilities.


The Club accepts applications year-round from schools, school boards, and community organizations seeking funding for breakfast programs offered to school-aged children and youth during the school year. Applicants must respect the following criteria. Grants are open to both new and existing programs.


  • – Welcome and respect every student
  • – Operate in a universally accessible location that is safe and pleasant
  • – Promote healthy eating through positive role modelling and informal nutrition education
  • – Offer food and beverages that are culturally appropriate for all students
  • – Offer breakfast five days per week
  • – Offer a nutritious menu that includes a variety of healthy foods from three of the four food groups (from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide) on a daily basis
  • – Allow adequate time for children to eat
  • – Accommodate individual needs of students with food allergies and sensitivities
  • – Have a system in place to ensure financial accountability
  • – Promote the program within the entire community to ensure students and their families are aware of its existence
  • – Prepare, store and serve food and beverages using safe food handling practices in accordance with provincial/territorial regulations

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