Breakfast Club of Canada is currently looking to hire a Programs Coordinator. Reporting to the Programs Advisor, the person hired for this position will ensure that children receive two elements required for growth and learning: a nutritious breakfast and an environment that fosters self-esteem. To do so, this person will be responsible for supporting schools and regional partners as well as building capacity in schools and communities through collaborative program development. The successful candidate will build proximity across the assigned region and will develop and implement projects to improve food access for schools and communities, as well as develop new and relationships with key stakeholders.


Breakfast Club of Canada promotes employment equity and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals.



  • Develop and maintain meaningful relationships with key stakeholders in the assigned region and facilitate collaboration to strengthen programs, build capacity and increase food access in schools and communities to run quality breakfast programming and maximize impact
  • Regularly visit breakfast programs and regional partners to support program development and assess individual program needs
  • Coordinate new school onboardings; facilitate needs’ assessment, equipment orders, food donations, etc.
  • Develop and execute initiatives to improve the quality of support provided by the Club to partners
  • Support in the development, tracking, and reporting on KPIs regarding service levels and local impact
  • Report information and analyze data concerning local and regional support
  • Facilitate the initiatives of other Club departments that involve programs (Philanthropy, Communications-Marketing, Government Relations, etc.) including facilitating program visits for applicable donors
  • Support colleagues to enhance relationships within school communities and facilitate collaboration
  • Perform other duties as required to ensure the smooth functioning of the team


  • College/vocational diploma or attestation in a related discipline
  • Minimum of 1 year experience
  • An equivalent combination of education and relevant experience will be considered
  • Strong understanding of and experience working with diverse cultures and communities, in remote, rural and/or urban settings
  • Experience in community development and stakeholder engagement, an asset
  • Experience working with Indigenous communities, an asset
  • Experience working with or in the not-for-profit sector, an asset
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and plus database experience
  • Must have a valid driver’s licence and have access to a vehicle


  • Subscribes to the Club’s values
  • Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with various groups of people and stakeholders
  • Facilitation and presentation skills (in person and/or virtual)
  • Collaborative spirit as well as the ability to work effectively independently and lead projects, when necessary
  • Autonomy, resourcefulness and aptitude for problem-solving
  • Keen planning, priorities and organizational skills



  • Permanent, full-time position
  • 40 hours/week, Monday to Friday
  • Flexible schedule throughout the year
  • Summer hours
  • Competitive salary
  • Vacation and personal leave days
  • Paid day off on your birthday
  • Group insurance plan
  • Pension plan with matching employer contributions
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)
  • Health and wellness program
  • Employee recognition program
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Location: The selected candidate will work remotely from within or near a Canadian city with easy access to a major airport
  • Target start date: as soon as possible



Please email your resume and cover letter to

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Breakfast Club of Canada is looking to hire a Director, Programs. Reporting to the President and CEO, the selected candidate will be responsible for developing and implementing national strategies to meet the needs of school communities so that children across the country have access to the nutrition and nourishment they need. Working with existing teams of experts, the Director, Programs, will ensure operational efficiency in two key areas: the development, implementation and maintenance of high-quality breakfast programs in Canadian schools, and the management of activities related to impact and sustainable solutions as well as community engagement. The candidate will make strategic, structural and other changes as appropriate to respond to the growing needs and aspirations of the organization.


Breakfast Club of Canada promotes employment equity and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals.



Management of breakfast programs and staff

  • Implement the organization’s creative and innovative strategic plan within the Programs Department
  • Work with analysts to break down the strategic plan into objectives and key performance indicators
  • Represent the Programs team on the Executive Committee
  • Harmonize departmental operations across Canada, taking the specific features of each province and territory into account
  • Contribute to positioning Breakfast Club of Canada as a national advocate for children and the cause of food security, as well as a supporter of communities and the existing school nutrition network
  • Oversee risk management for the Programs Department’s activities
  • Guide and motivate the Programs team; leverage synergies and promote knowledge sharing using a management style built around employee engagement
  • Motivate assigned staff and encourage them in their professional development
  • Manage the Programs Department’s budget
  • Cultivate a work environment that promotes the efficient flow of information and an open-minded attitude to new approaches
  • Plan resources for future service needs, and be able to justify them from a non-profit perspective
  • Identify changes in school needs and make improvements/modifications to existing programs to increase their reach and impact
  • Cultivate relationships of trust, collaboration and mutual support with external stakeholders (e.g., community organizations) to further the Club’s mission
  • Represent the Programs team on internal committees and collaborate with other departments on joint projects with a view to increasing operational efficiency

Impact and sustainable solutions

  • Oversee activities related to impact and sustainable solutions as well as community engagement; make strategic, structural and other changes as appropriate to respond to the growing needs and aspirations of the organization, and ensure the desired results are achieved
  • Harness the organization’s strengths to improve performance
  • Identify areas that need to be monitored over the short and long term; set up the required mechanisms to track the progress and impact of the organization and the Programs Department
  • Promote systemic change and social innovation through research and development


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or sustainable development, or equivalent experience
  • 10 to 15 years of relevant experience in managing programs
  • Fluency in spoken and written English and French
  • Ability to manage risk and change, engage team members and oversee operations in line with the organization’s strategic plan
  • Knowledge of the school and community ecosystem
  • Management and employee development skills (e.g., delegation, communication, appraisal)
  • Ability to lead large-scale projects and motivate team members and other employees
  • Ability to work within a matrix organizational structure that embraces innovation as the key to creating value
  • Commitment to the mission and desire to uphold the organization’s values
  • Ability to develop comprehensive strategic plans
  • Knowledge of the non-profit sector, an asset


  • Commitment to Breakfast Club of Canada’s values
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Political savvy, discretion, integrity and tact
  • Good judgment
  • Team/talent management and development skills
  • Self-directed and self-motivated
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Positive energy and ability to manage stress


  • Permanent, full-time position
  • 40 hours/week, Monday to Friday
  • The selected candidate will work remotely from within or near a major Canadian city
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible hours
  • Summer hours
  • Competitive salary
  • Vacation and personal leave days
  • Paid day off on your birthday
  • Group insurance plan
  • Group RRSP with matching employer contributions
  • Employee assistance program
  • Employee recognition program
  • Employee health and wellness program
  • Professional development
  • Target start date: As soon as possible


Please email your résumé and cover letter to

Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Group photo kids

Vancouver, March 2, 2023 – Tuesday, the Government of British Columbia announced the details for Budget 2023, which includes dedicated new funding to support sustainable school food programs across the province. A total of $214 million over the next three years will be invested in expanding existing school food programs and increasing capacity to address student hunger. 

Breakfast Club of Canada welcomes this announcement that will leverage existing contributions from food security organizations and the private sector. We will continue to work with all stakeholders to advance the development of school nutrition programs, which have positive impacts on the health and education of children across the country.   

“As many children and families continue to struggle with the impacts of inflation and lack of access to nutritious foods each day, this funding is an inspiring step towards ensuring that every child in the province can benefit from school food programs and reach their full potential,” stated Judith Barry, Cofounder and Director of Government Relations at Breakfast Club of Canada. “This new investment will position BC as a leader in school food programs in the country. We look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders involved in ensuring our support to future generations.” 

It takes an entire team to effectively promote access to nutritious food for children. This commitment from the Government of British Columbia will help emphasize the importance of the ongoing work with non-profit organizations and the need for community connections, inclusion and continued support from donors to ensure that all children are able to benefit from a nutritious breakfast to start their day. 


About Breakfast Club of Canada 

Since 1994, Breakfast Club of Canada has been working with partners from all sectors to help children access a nutritious breakfast and reach their full potential. Accredited by Imagine Canada for its effective governance and recognized for its promotion of local food products, the Club helps reach more than 580 000 children in over 3,500 school nutrition programs across the country, including over 18,000 children in more than 300 programs in British Columbia each day. The ultimate goal: breakfast for every child, every day. To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  



Media Contacts 

For more information or to speak with a Breakfast Club of Canada spokesperson, please contact: 

Victoria Jaklin  

As we celebrate Hooked on School Days, I would like to say a special word about the dedicated people who play an essential role in children’s academic journey. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of Breakfast Club of Canada, I realize that parents, teachers, breakfast program volunteers and donors are doing their utmost to ensure children have the energy they need to learn and engage.  


Keeping children in school starts with building a safe and inclusive community around them. However, with life finally returning to normal for most of us, children still face unprecedented challenges regarding access to healthy food, social development and mental health. After four years at the helm of BCC, I am amazed when I hear what school teams, families and students have to say about the positive impacts of school food programs.  


Beyond helping to provide access to nutritious breakfasts, the Club offers a nurturing environment where students feel like they matter. By coming together with caring and compassion, they can build the confidence they need to continue their education, pursue their interests and explore their passions. And this confidence is something they will, in turn, pass down to future generations.  


I invite you to keep the same drive and determination, to help the adults of tomorrow realize their full potential. Your words of encouragement, commitment and generosity make a real difference in keeping children in school and learning.  


Tommy Kulczyk  


For more information: Hooked on School Days – 

The Breakfast Club of Canada Nutrition Committee has some great tools for you to check out. Be sure to have a closer look and find out how to boost the nutritional value of your breakfasts, encourage children to try new foods and make healthy eating habits stick. 


Nutrition Guidelines  

The Club’s General Nutrition Guidelines contain a series of recommendations to help you make every breakfast nutrient-dense and nutritionally balanced, with a daily selection from each of the three main food categories. Get inspired by the front-page picture of a colourful plate brimming over with healthy food choices, and keep reading for more examples of recommendations for each category.  

Want to dive deeper when making your breakfast menu selections for your students? Then be sure to read our Detailed Nutrition Guidelines, where you can learn more about what goes into a healthy, balanced breakfast.  

Swap This… For That! 

The Swap This… for That! sheet has some great ideas for incorporating healthier alternatives into your breakfast program menus. The suggested foods and ingredients will increase the nutritional value of your meals. Have a look to see some of the places you can power up children’s mornings! 

Nurturing Healthy Eaters 

Our Nurturing Healthy Eaters sheet outlines five simple ways you can encourage students to embrace healthy eating. Find out how to create a positive breakfast environment and instil good attitudes toward food. 

Special Occasions 

Our Special Occasions sheet has some creative ideas for preparing healthy breakfasts to celebrate key dates throughout the year. Looking for inspiration? Look no further! 

Tips on Introducing New Foods to Your Program 

With our Tips on Introducing New Foods to Your Program, you can learn more about how to successfully diversify your breakfast menu. The information in this document is designed to help schools work new foods into their programs and into children’s daily diets. 


Every week, at Le Tandem School in Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec, a delivery truck pulls in, with thousands of pieces of fresh ‘’Fruits et légumes Bono’’ produce on board. Through this partnership, students have access to a wider variety of fruit every morning.  


In October 2021, it occurred to one of the teachers at Le Tandem that the produce that went unsold at Fruits et légumes Bono (where her husband worked) could be repurposed and redistributed to the children at her school. The idea went over well with both the school’s principal, Sylvain Jetté, and the president of the Montreal-based company, Giuseppe Lavorato. Ever since, fresh fruit has been a morning staple for the more than 380 students at Le Tandem, 70 of whom are enrolled in the breakfast program. Given that the products provided through BCC are limited to what is available from suppliers and subject to transportation constraints, a partner like this is vital to adding extra variety to children’s diets. What’s more, the fruit is provided free of charge, courtesy of Bono. The only cost covered by the school is the delivery charge.  

It just goes to show that one teacher with one simple idea can have a tremendous impact on an entire school population. Thank you to all those who have been involved in making this amazing initiative come to life!  

Perhaps you, too, should consider approaching some of the food businesses in your area to see if a similar arrangement can be made. Who knows what would come of it!